Lesson 2. Materials and Wood.
In this lesson we will learn how a product is made, what kind of materials we can use to make it, and what propierties a material has. At the end of the lesson, we learn how to work with wood, the techniques and its classifications. We can ask some questions like this:
  • Can you see through the glass?
  • Will electricity pass through the material?
  • Is it hard?Is it soft?Is it heavy?Is it light? Compared to what? Science2.gif
In the presentation below, we can see all the materials that exist in nature. Now it´s time to learn more about them.
Materials´ Classification

And which are materials´ common properties? In the next presentation you can study all materials´ properties, their classification and characteristics.
Materials´ properties

For that, the links we use are below:

Also, I give you some articles about wood, its classification, tools to cut wood and common wood defects. These help you to understand what wood is, how it´s classified and which the common wood defects are.

Activities for the lesson 2: