Lesson 2. Materials.
Do you know what a material is?or How is the aluminium extracted? How many parts is wood divided in?Also, how is wood classified?When can we fell or cut down a tree? Firstly, all these questions can seen very difficult, but during the lesson, we can answer them. Now it´s time to learn more about materials like metals, plastics, glass or ceramics, and know all about wood, like what it is, its classification, or how can we work with it. Now we can explain the world around us.

__**Link to PeterValdivia web, with theory about materials, properties, characteristics and activities.**__

Ok, first we are going to learn more about materials,their properties and characteristics. In the following summary we can find all kind of metals, their principal applications and alloys, from ferreous and non ferreous metals:

Likewise, now can see the following videos about recycled metals, how can we recover used metals to make new machines or objects.

Now, this video is about metals

And about plastics

Another video about cycling of the glass

The paper

Below, I leave you some activities about materials, their characteristics and information.
  1. Materials´ activities compilation.(from Digital Text)
  2. Plastic Activities.
  3. Fabrication of Plastics (Theory)
  4. Activities about building materials in the home.
  5. Materials activities.