En esta página se colgarán todos los recursos, apuntes, exámenes, ejercicios y actividades relacionadas con el currículum de 2º ESO en el Programa Bilingüe de la Junta de Andalucía para el IES Fuente Nueva de El Ejido.

Lesson 1. Technical Drawing and Standardization
What do you know about drawing? There are two ways to draw, the artistic and the technical. In this lesson we study all the norms and technics about technical drawing, how to interpret the views, to know more about perspectives. At the end of the lesson, you can read the maps, plans and drawing in scale. Are you ready to enter in technical drawing´s world? Come on, let´s go to learn about it.

Lesson 2. Materials and Wood.
Do you know what a material is?or How is the aluminium extracted? How many parts is wood divided in?Also, how is wood classified?When can we fell or cut down a tree? Firstly, all these questions can seen very difficult, but during the lesson, we can answer them. Now it´s time to learn more about materials like metals, plastics, glass or ceramics, and know all about wood, like what it is, its classification, or how can we work with it. Now we can explain the world around us.

Lesson 3. Metals and Alloys.
Do you know what a metal is?or How can we make an alloy? What is steel?What is the meaning of "hard"?Are all metals the same? These are some questions that you make yourself when somebody talks about metals. But all metals have common properties like good thermal and electrical conductors. And metals are diferent one by one too. At the lesson´s end you will be able to classify metals by its properties, alloys by its components and you know all metal´s important characteristics.

Lesson 4. Technology Processes.
Do you know something about safety rules? or How can we identify a technologic object? In this lesson we learn what is a brigde, a structure or a mechanical effort. At the end of the lesson, you can see the world from Technologic´s eyes, because you can differentiate between Technology and Science. Also, we study about technologic invents along History, advances and advantages. Enjoy the lesson.

Lesson 5. Structures.
Do you know what a structure is? or How many kinds of structures are there? In this lesson we can learn about structures, their characteristics and ways to made buildings or technic objects. At the end of the lesson you know what is a force in a structure and a bridge. Enjoy the lesson.

Lesson 6. Electricity.
This is a very simple introduction to electricity and electronics. There are some difficulties when studying electricity:
  • 1ª.- We can't see electricity, but we can see effects it makes (light, movement, heat, etc.)
  • 2ª.- Probably you won't have studied yet anything about electricity because it is not included in primary education.
Now we will know how electricity works, in this lesson, and you can practise with this phenomenon natural. Come on!!!!!